• 2020

  • May


    University of Indianapolis

    Life Skills and Emotional Regulation Workshop for High School Students:

    In this interactive workshop, high school students will learn practical stress management and emotional regulation skills.  Since we will have limited time in person, we will focus on experiencing the techniques themselves.  To give you a deeper understanding of why these techniques are effective, Nina has videos explaining the theory we will use to manage thoughts and feelings   These can be found at YouTube.com/TheSomaticPT.

  • Upcoming Online Teleclasses & Workshops

    We will be offering teleclasses and workshops online this Fall and Winter with varying themes of study in emotional self-regulation as well as opportunities to dive deep into specific emotional themes.  We will post these offerings here when registration is open.

    You can also subscribe to our email address (on the Home page or Offer page) to be informed of when these will begin.