• Welcome to our practice!

    We are honored to support you in your health goals. 

    Some important notes when booking:

    *If you are new to this practice and interested in our services, please book an initial 15 minute complimentary consultation below before booking any other services.  I will ask you some questions to see if what you are going through is within my scope of practice, where I can help.  These consultations are available on Thursdays and you can book them directly on the online calendar at the bottom of this page.  If you are having difficulty booking online, you can email us directly at info@thesomaticpt.com.

    *If you are a returning client, you can schedule by emailing us at info@thesomaticpt.com.  My assistant Felipe now manages our email and will schedule you.

    * While I am a qualified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I am not a traditional psychologist, psychotherapist, licensed mental health counselor, LMFT or LCSW.  This means it is not within my scope of practice to be treating severe mental illness, severe psychiatric diagnoses, suicidal ideation, history of sexual abuse or trafficking, or other severe and ongoing forms of abuse.  It is recommended that you see a practitioner that is trained in treating these issues.  If you are suicidal, please call 911 and see a psychiatrist to get the qualified care you need.

    *If your diagnosis falls within anxiety, depression, dysthymia, psychosomatic illness, non-complex PTSD and other issues on the mild to moderate spectrum of trauma, we will be able to make considerable headway together.  In this case, feel free to schedule an appointment (no consultation needed).  If you are unsure whether SE could help your specific condition, feel free to book a complimentary consultation (see below) so we can assess if I am qualified to help.  In some cases, I can see you while you are also seeing a licensed therapist weekly.  If a case falls outside of my scope, I will refer you to the appropriate profession who can help. 

    We look forward to working with you.  May you live in peace!

  • Appointment Availability

    In-person appointments are available on a limited basis on Saturdays in Noblesville, IN and will be updated here.  Currently they are available until the end of the year.

    This is a mostly online practice.  Doxy.me, Whatsapp, and Phone Sessions are available from Tuesday to Saturdays.  We are off on Sundays and Mondays.

    Doxy.me/Phone Sessions are strictly for SE Sessions and Nutrition/Detoxification Consultations.  Physical therapy and Yoga therapy must be done in person.  While parts of an Ergonomics Consultation can be done online if necessary, they are best performed at your home office, work office or vehicle.  Please book a complimentary 15 minute session to discuss this in more detail.

    Complimentary Consultations:

    *If you have never had an appointment with me, I would like to speak with you on the phone first to ensure that I can help and that SE or another service I provide is applicable to your personal situation. 

    These consultations also apply if you have a severe trauma that you are wanting to work on and he can assess if it fits within my scope of practice.  In some cases, I can see you if you continue working with a licensed therapist simultaneously. 

    Please schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation on the calendar below so we can discuss your situation.  *If you live outside of the U.S., please download the Whatsapp messenger app on your phone for this call and specify your timezone.

    Online Appointments (Full Sessions):

    If we end up booking an online session during our consultation, simply meet me at https://doxy.me/thesomaticpt for our appointment.  There is nothing to download.  Make sure your webcam and microphone are working in advance, log on 10 minutes before our appointment and be ready to go at our appointment time!  I use Doxy.me instead of Skype because it is HIPAA compliant video teleconferencing. lease have the Whatsapp messenger app downloaded and ready to use on your phone as a backup.


    All pricing is listed next to the service when booking through the online calendar below.  You will see the pricing when you click on the service (and before the payment process).  In general, 1 hour sessions are $100 and 1.5 hour sessions are $150.  This is on the lower end of the national SE rate.


    When booking, if you scroll down the "Category" column, there is an option to make a donation to help trauma victims who cannot afford SE sessions.  100% of donations will go directly to paying for full or subsidized SE sessions based on income.  Due to the set up of our system and how it receives payments, it will ask you to select a time slot when you make a donation.  This is no problem for us, as it is only a 15 minute time slot.  We will open up the time slot again once we see the booking for someone who needs to schedule an appointment. 

    Thank you so much for your support!  As we clear our own traumas and help others clear theirs, we can all experience a better world.

  • Schedule Your Appointment:

    *All appointments are based on EST time zone (New York time).  Once you have scheduled your 15 minute complimentary consultation with Nina, please check your inbox for a confirmation email from thesomaticpt@protonmail.com.  (Please add it to your contact list and check your spam folder). 

    *Once we speak and schedule a full session, you will receive another confirmation email from thesomaticpt@protonmail.com.  It will have a checklist of how to prepare for your Somatic Experiencing session.  Then visit the Forms Tab afterwards to send your intake form at least 1 day before your session so Nina can look over them in advance.

    *Returning clients can schedule by emailing us at info@thesomaticpt.com to schedule on additional days not listed on the online calendar below.  My assistant Felipe now manages our email and will schedule you.

    *As of September 28th 2018, sessions will be offered mostly online.  The in-person options offered on Saturdays in Noblesville, Indiana will be from approximately May through the end of December each year.  Saturday appointments cannot be scheduled on the online calendar below.  If interested, please email us at info@thesomaticpt.com for their availability.

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