• Somatic Experiencing treats the stress and trauma that contribute to or result from many conditions including:

    PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)
    Emotional or Physical trauma history
    Anxiety and Panic Attacks
    Grief and Loss
    Emotional Eating and Eating Disorders
    Partner Betrayal
    Motor Vehicle Collisions
    Chronic Pain
    Myofascial Pain and Tension
    Ayahuasca and Plant Medicine Integration

  • Fascial pain
    Pelvic Floor Pain and Tension
    Psychosomatic Illness
    Stress-related Illness or Tension
    General Digestive Issues
    Post-operative Pain
    Medical Procedure Trauma
    Prenatal/Birth Trauma
    Syndromal Conditions
    Intergenerational Trauma
    Social Trauma: (race, gender,
       religion, sexual orientation,
       being considered "different")
  • Somatic therapies facilitate resolution of trauma and PTSD responses.

    We can’t always think our way out of traumatic experiences. A personal guide can help. I will go with you to the hard places and show you the way out.

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