• Complete the New Client Form Before We Meet:

    It is essential that your forms are filled out before our appointment together.  If you would like for me to review your case in advance, please send them at least 2 full days before our appointment time.  Otherwise, I will be reviewing them during our appointment.  Please ensure that they are filled out completely, or we may have to spend our limited 1-on-1 time clarifying your answers so that I can best facilitate for you. 
    Once you've filled out your forms:
    1. If our appointment is Online, simply meet me at https://doxy.me/thesomaticpt for our appointment.  Make sure your webcam and microphone are working in advance, log on 10 minutes before our appointment and click allow when it asks if it can have access to your webcam and microphone.   Be ready to go at our appointment time and I will video call you.
    I use Doxy.me over Skype, as it is HIPAA compliant video teleconferencing and encrypted for your privacy.
    2. If you're seeing me for Somatic Experiencing:
    a. Make sure to read: "How to Get the Most out of your SE session" under the Somatic Experiencing tab of the website. 
    b. Then, watch the instructional YouTube Video (26 minutes) under the media tab and as many other videos as possible.  This will save us time (and save you money) because we won't have to go through all this information during our session and can focus on getting you an emotional release in the first session.  Otherwise, we will need to cover this material for you to have the necessary foundation to get a release.  Let's make the most of this for you! 
  • New Client Form: