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  • Thoughts Create Feelings (Recorded Group Exercise)

  • How Trauma & PTSD Affect Our Nervous System

  • We are Not Our Thoughts (Trauma Flow Chart)

  • How to Disprove Thoughts Like "I'm Not Good Enough"

  • Is There Hope For Me After Trauma?

  • How to Release Emotions Trapped in the Body

  • Why We Shake or Dissociate with Trauma

  • Body Sensations & the Addiction Connection

  • Healing Compulsive & Intrusive Thinking

  • What Happens to Trauma When You Talk Things Out

  • What if Someone I Love Refuses Help?

  • Wild Polar Bear Shaking to Discharge Trauma

  • Physical Resourcing Techniques in Somatic Experiencing: Ways to Calm

  • How to Love Yourself by Removing Your Emotional Blocks Against it

  • Overcoming Insecurity, Unworthiness, Shame to Feel Whole, Worthy, & Free

  • Neurotoxic Foods that Cause Anxiety & Depression

  • 5 minutes to Calm: DIY Breathwork (Full Version)

  • 5 minutes to Calm: DIY Breathwork (Short Version)

  • Stuck Anger & Anxiety: Feel the Vulnerable Emotion Underneath to Break Free

  • Healing Betrayal Trauma + How to Decide Whether to Stay or Leave

  • Healing Narcissism (& Codependency): Feel through Shame & Unworthiness

  • Intellectual Bypassing & Compensatory Thoughts as Coping Mechanisms

  • How to Love Yourself: Stop the Judgment & Question the Conditioning

  • "When Will my Nervous System be Fixed? How Can I Get Rid of My Emotions?"

  • Mineral Deficiency: Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Binge Eating, Food Cravings

  • Feel the Primary Feeling to Break Free of Stuck Mental & Emotional Reactions

  • Making Peace with your Past: Reconcile with Your Emotions to Break Free

  • Adrenal Health & the Fight or Flight Response: Heal the Adrenals with a Multidisciplinary Approach

  • Overcome Self Hatred & Self Criticism: Disprove the Conditioning that Supports it & Know Who You Are

  • How to Love Yourself with Self Acceptance: Stop the Judgment & Question the Original Conditioning

  • Watch this video for 5 ways to heal and free oneself from the trauma cycle

    Join me in this informative video explaining the science behind how emotions can become trapped within our bodies. 

    I will show you a map of how trauma is stored within our cellular memory and give you 5 ways we can hack this cycle towards emotional freedom.  

    If you have scheduled a session with me, please watch this video before our appointment.  Also, read "How to Get the Most out of Your SE Session" under the Somatic Experiencing tab.  May you live in peace!

  • Somatic Experiencing Guiding Principles & The Vagus Nerve

    Join us in this episode of the Wild Wisdom Podcast hosted by Alyssa Pfennig in which Nina shares specific introductory SE techniques and principles that you can begin practicing at home. 

    This podcast is also helpful (but not necessary) to listen to before a session with Nina to familiarize yourself with some of the processes in advance.

    Nina also shares helpful tips and techniques regarding stimulating the vagus nerve to decrease stress responses in the body along with a short guided experiential group exercise at the end.

  • March 5 - 8th, 2018: Nina was interviewed by Adi Shakti to share in detail about the healing effects of Somatic Experiencing at the Emotional Release Online Summit through Passion Yoga School in Costa Rica.

    Join her and 20+ experts on Emotional Release: How to Free the Past to Live in the Now.


    Listen to the Interview

  • On Blog Talk Radio

    Tune in to this radio conversation with Richard Brendan and Nina Goradia to hear her tips on Somatic Experiencing (consciously feeling and releasing trapped emotions) and Nutrition/Detoxification for optimal nervous system functioning and to live with more ease and freedom.

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