• Live World Peace Meditations & Spiritual/Somatic Community Socializing!

    We would love to have you at our very first live world peace meditation beginning Saturday March 18th, 2023 at 9:30am until 11:30am EST (New York time) and every Saturday after at the same time.  We will post right here by the Thursday before if the event will be cancelled that week for any reason:  *All of March dates are on.

    We will update the zoom link here as well on Saturday mornings by 9:25am, 5 minutes before the event.

    Please read some notes about the event before clicking on the zoom link below:

    1. If you would like to support these events with donations, that would be very much appreciated.  All are welcome and no one will be turned away for lack of funds! 

    *To donate to Amber Rain, send via Venmo to @amberrain1999 or via Cash App to $amberraingirl. 

    *To donate to Jake Heleringer, send via Venmo to @jakeh358.  He has a Paypal option coming soon.

    *To donate to Nina Goradia, send via Venmo to @Nina-Goradia or via Paypal to thesomaticpt@protonmail.com

    2. Please mute your microphone for the first 1 hour of the event, since we will have various world peace meditation programs and an itinerary so we can all project vibrations of world peace at the same time!  The 2nd hour is socializing and everyone is free to chat :)

    3. We may record the first hour on zoom or via a Youtube livestream to post on Youtube.  If you don't want to be on the recording, just turn your camera off and change the name on your account or delete it.  For the second hour, there will be no recording so we can all socialize freely.

    4. We don't have the capacity to answer any emails about this event, as we are doing this in our free time.  Just show up if you can by clicking the zoom link below.  You can post any questions you have in the chatbox during the event.

    5. Disclaimer: This is not a situation where we can facilitate meditation individually for you or any specific circumstances you have.  Please only do what is safe and comfortable for you regarding any participation.  By participating in these events, you are acknowledging that you are in good mental & physical health and that Nina Goradia, Amber Rain and Jake Heleringer are not in any way liable or responsible for any issues you might have in participating in guided meditations/instructions or in taking any advice from them. 

  • March 2023 Schedule

    Join which week's event is right for you:

    *We will have a variety of offerings including spiritual guidance from Amber Rain, meditations & breathwork from Jake Herelinger, somatic guidance from Nina Goradia, as well as occasional guest teachers.  See the schedule of events in advance to attend the events that interest you.  No matter what is being shared, there will always be a 10 minute group prayer/meditation for world peace.



    Live World Peace Meditation Event -Welcome!

    Jake Herelinger will lead us through a guided meditation to lead our bodies into a peaceful state through the breathe and affirmations.

    Amber Rain will lead us through Sanskrit mantras with English translation & explains a quote about individual & world peace. 

    Nina Goradia shares with us intentions and stories about personal & world peace as well as the power of group prayer & meditation.  There will be music and guidance for the first hour.  The second hour will be social or spiritual discussion as usual.



    Somatic Body Meditation for Inner & World Peace

    Join us for a guided somatic meditation to integrate emotions in the body.  As we do our inner integration work for internal harmony, we can be a vessel for peace on this Earth.  There will be music and guidance for the first hour.  The second hour will be social or spiritual discussion usual.



    Spiritual Guidance by Amber Rain

    *More details to come

  • Somatic therapies facilitate resolution of trauma and PTSD responses.

    We can’t always think our way out of traumatic experiences. A personal guide can help. I will go with you to the hard places and show you the way out to emotional freedom.

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