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  • Upcoming Online Teleclasses & Workshops

    We will be offering teleclasses and workshops online this Fall and Winter with varying themes of study in emotional self-regulation as well as opportunities to dive deep into specific emotional themes. 

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  • Book an SE Workshop for your own Community Group or Workplace

    This is an Introduction to Somatic Experiencing Workshop.  The first hour goes into the theory and science, with plenty of time for questions to make sure the material is applicable to your group.  The 2nd hour involves an experiential group session in which an emotion is cleared.  Participants will walk away with several emotional self-regulation tools they can implement immediately.  This is also great for conflict resolution within a group.  As we clear our own feelings around an issue, we can approach interpersonal situations from a new perspective.

    Please schedule a complimentary phone call on the online calendar to discuss and provide your phone number when booking.