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    A unique methodology drawing upon the principles of Somatic Experiencing, Non-Dual Awareness and Self-Inquiry for Trauma Healing and Integration

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    • Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration™ uses methods of both Somatic Experiencing and Self-Inquiry (along with Non-dual awareness & a blend of other trauma modalities as needed) to facilitate resolution of trauma and trauma responses.  *Please note that Self-Inquiry and Non-dual awareness are optional and not required, but Non-dual Awareness is simply our natural state.  It's a deeper state of presence and mindfulness in which we were all born and lived in as a child until we became intellectualized and socially conditioned.

      We can’t always think our way out of traumatic experiences. One of the biggest issues that we face as human beings is that we can feel trapped by our own physical and emotional states. These are the times that we feel panicky and anxious, with decreased ability to calm down. Other times we feel depressed and unmotivated and can’t seem to accomplish simple tasks. 

      The brilliance of Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration™ is the ability to directly harmonize these trapped emotions by integrating them into our nervous system.  This develops new neural pathways and behaviors that allow for alternative ways of responding to your environment without getting stuck in past habits.

    • Somatic Experiencing is a naturalist, body-focused technique aimed at relieving the symptoms of trauma and stress stored in the nervous system.  It is a great adjunct to traditional psychotherapy and medical management in balancing the chronic stress response.

      It can improve symptoms of stress, nervousness, sleep issues, buried emotions, and chronic pain & tension due to stress.

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    • Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration™ is a combination of Somatic Experiencing with the enlightened teacher Ramana Maharshi's "Who Am I?" Self-Inquiry method

      This method, along with Non-Dual Awareness, allows for ego & trauma integration as well transcending the trauma identity altogether.  We work on eradicating the trauma at it's root, which is located in Ego Identitification.

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    • Prevention of trauma is equally important through emotional resiliency education for children.  Somatic Experiencing with inner child experiential exercises can be helpful for both adults and children (age 7+)

      The resiliency education program designed by Nina has been used in the Indianapolis Public School system via the Peace Learning Center.  They can be used by parents and teachers as well.

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    • Nina occasionally leads group experiential classes in Emotional Self Regulation:

      1. Secular for trauma healing based on Somatic Experiencing and other trauma healing modalities.

      2. Spiritual with the addition of Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration™ with Non-Dual Awareness to integrate the ego and transcend the trauma identity.

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    • This Trauma Map video shows 5 ways to free oneself from the trauma cycle

      Join me in this informative video explaining the science behind how emotions can become trapped within our bodies.

      I will show you a map of how trauma is stored within our cellular memory and give you 5 ways we can hack this cycle towards emotional freedom. 

      We cover the Sympathetic (Fight or Flight) & Parasympathetic (Freeze) Responses, the Trauma Flow Chart in detail, and Polyvagal Theory.

      If you have scheduled a session with me, please watch this video before our appointment time.  May you live in peace!

    • Free Trauma Flowchart

      Understand the Patterns of Your Traumas with Nina's Trauma Flowchart (as seen on YouTube), which decodes how trauma is stored within our body and illustrates 5 ways we can free ourselves from this cycle.  
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      *Nina is a coach that has studied a wide variety of modalities, including Somatic Experiencing and Non-Duality/Self-Inquiry and has developed the unique methodology of Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration.™  *Coaching is not psychotherapy and it does not treat mental disorders.  If a mental disorder is suspected, you will be given a referral for a mental health professional.

    • Somatic Experiencing facilitates resolution of trauma responses.

      We can’t always think our way out of traumatic experiences. A personal guide can help. I will go with you to the hard places and show you the way out to emotional freedom.

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