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  • Earthing/Grounding for Trauma Relief, Physical Healing & Energy for Awakening

  • Earthing is a Game Changer in Healing Trauma, Chronic Health Issues & Calming the Mind

    In the video to the left, I share my incredible experiences with earthing/grounding and resources to learn about the benefits of Earthing in more depth.  Earthing can relax us within an hour, as it lowers our cortisol levels.  It also normalizes our cortisol levels overall by matching it to our circadian rhythms, which promotes deeper sleep and heals insomnia. 

    Grounding helps mitigate EMF's by discharging excess positive charge in our bodies to the earth the same way we ground our appliances.  In addition, we receive negative free electrons.  These negative electrons are used similar to consuming antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in decreasing inflammation in our brains and bodies, giving the body the energy to repair itself and helping metabolic issues.  

    *Many mental health symptoms are exacerbated by inflammation, metabolic & sleep issues.  Address all 3 of these factors with earthing.

  • I have been earthing since May of 2003 using Clint Ober's products, which I now recommend (linked below).  These are the original earthing products of this last century.  (In the 1800's, people would use copper brads on their shoes!)
    *Earthing.com Promo Code:  Get 10% off products by entering the either the code "SOMATIC" or the code "TETHERED" when clicking on this link: https://thesomaticpt.com/earthing 
    *Earthing.com Discount Code: I ended up applying for and becoming an affiliate for this company a few weeks after releasing this video. If you use the above link AND use the code "SOMATIC" or the code "TETHERED", you will get 10% off of products from the site.
    You will need to use both the above link AND enter the code for it to work. This company has a generous 90 day return policy, so you can try the products risk free.  I've found it really easy to ask for returns or exchanges.
    All of these products help you stay connected to the earth while working, doing yoga or working out and while sleeping, just as we did historically.  I am personally grounded at least 90% of the day.
  • I have all of them above except the floor mat because it wasn't out yet when I bought mine.  I use the universal mat as one of my floor mats.  I have them in my desk and also on the floor in my kitchen.  They've all lasted me a year so far with no issues.
    *One thing I'm in awe of is that I waited 10 years before every trying earthing products.  That's because I was so afraid that what if my plug wasn't grounded and if I plugged the mat in, what if it would actually conduct electricity?  I was so relieved when I found this company because they send you an outlet tester with every product to make sure the plug is grounded and safe to use for these products.  I have done a lot of travelling since getting these products and always take my sleep system wherever I go.  I found a few airbnbs that didn't have grounded plugs and was a bit bummed not to sleep grounded there, but I was so glad I knew they weren't grounded to protect myself.  This way, I can finally feel safe and relax while earthing after 10 years of wanting to try it!
  • If you cannot afford products, please know you can just go outside in barefeet or lie down on the earth.  Products help us to ground indoors more often when we are indoors working at a desk or all night when we're asleep in our beds.  The more time you put in, the more healing benefits you will gain.  We are not meant to be disconnected from the Earth.  This disconnection only began when we started putting rubber soles on our shoes, which blocks the conductivity between us and the Earth.  Otherwise, we were historically grounded!  I wish you as much benefit or more than has helped me!  Happy Grounding!!

  • Organic Weighted Blankets

    Weighted blankets can be extremely helpful for calming down the nervous system for those who are experiencing hyperactivity.  This can include nervousness, stress, insomnia and neurodivergence where there is overstimulation of the brain and less awareness of the body. 

    The pressure from the weighted blanket draws attention to the body and allows us to be more grounded & embodied, as it calms down energetic overstimulation of the mind.  I especially like Baloo weighted blankets because they are made with organic cotton, so we are not absorbing petrochemicals through our skin that are in synthetic materials.  

    It's important to use a weighted blanket that is 10% of the person's body weight for Adults.  For Children, the recommendation is 10% of body weight plus 1 to 2 pounds, but always go with what feels safe and comfortable.  

    I have an organic weighted blanket option for you that I've researched.  I haven't purchased from here myself because I bought weighted blankets for myself several years ago.  However, this is the company I will buy from next because of the organic cotton fabrics.  I've spoken to them directly and they are really kind and have good reviews, but of course do your own research:

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  • Organic Cotton Clothing

    I got into organic cotton clothing when I did some bloodwork that showed very high petrochemicals in my body despite my having eaten mostly organic food and filtered water for the last 20 years of my life. 

    I was shocked and did some research and found that most of our clothing is full of petrochemicals!  These petrochemicals can overburden our livers and can cause health effects that are difficult to trace back to the source. 

    I have now switched to as much organic clothing as is practical for me, especially the clothing that is right on the skin, as opposed to clothing we wear over other clothes. I'm glad I found natural 100% organic cotton clothing from Cottonique.  It's also great for people who have allergies and rashes to chemicals in clothing because it's 100% hypoallergenic with zero latex or spandex. 

    If you choose to get colored clothing, the dyes they use are safe as well.  This company is GOTS certified, which is an independent standard for organic clothing.

    I've been wearing Cottonique products since September 2023 and my skin literally feels cooler and more comfortable when I put them on.  If you're someone whose skin is inflamed or gets irritated from itchy clothing, you might want to try this clothing, at least for undergarments.  Know that they have an amazing return policy and great customer service. 

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  • Purity Coffee: Organic and Free of Mold, Mycotoxins, Heavy Metals, Pesticides & Ochratoxin A

    This is the purest coffee I've found and began using it in December 2022.  Truth be told, most of our nervous systems don't need coffee, although it can help with focus for some of us.  But if we're going to have it, we need to find one that's organic and free of mycotoxins, which are toxic to our nerves.

    It became really important to me after learning about the aflotoxins and other contaminants found in coffee, as I was learning about Bulletproof Coffee.  Staying away from neurotoxins helps us better regulate our nervous systems.  My favorite coffee variety from Purity Coffee is "Protect" because it is specifically designed for liver health with CGA.  Enjoy 4 varieties of Purity Coffee, including a decaf option, without the neurotoxins and heavy metals.  

    If you're interested in trying out this organic coffee, you can get a 20% off Purity Coffee Discount Code as follows:

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  • Highest Quality Unrefined Unblended 100% Olive Oil I Use for Lowest PUFA & Pesticide Content

    There's a lot of corruption in the olive oil industry and olive oil is often mixed with harmful seed oils (PUFA's) without our knowledge.  PUFA's are very harmful to the liver, brain and stress response. 

    The purest brand I've found is Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  It's special because it is 100% unblended unrefined and unfiltered olive oil that is also lab tested to ensure no pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.  Pure olive oil naturally has about 8% PUFA, but this is less than any other types of olive oil that may be cut with seed oils. 

    Real olive oil has incredible health benefits.  It's a part of the healthy Mediterranean Diet and is also an anti-fungal.  Healthy fats are also important for myelination of our nerves and contribute to a healthy functioning brain and nervous system. 

    I've been using Papa Vince Olive Oil since July 2020 and very happy with the benefits.  If you're interested in trying out this pure olive oil, you can get a 10% off Papa Vince Discount Code as follows:

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  • More Products I Use & Recommend Coming Soon:

  • *I make a small percentage commission on product purchases above, but there is no extra cost to you.  In fact, you will get an additional discount than if you bought without the links and codes above.  I hope you enjoy the benefits of these products and thank you for supporting my work through these purchases.