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  • Earthing/Grounding for Trauma Relief, Physical Healing & Energy for Awakening

  • Earthing is a Game Changer in Healing Trauma, Chronic Health Issues & Calming the Mind

    In the video to the left, I share my incredible experiences with earthing/grounding and resources to learn about the benefits of Earthing in more depth.  Earthing relaxes us within an hour, as it lowers our cortisol levels.  It also normalizes our cortisol levels overall by matching it to our circadian rhythms, which promotes deeper sleep and heals insomnia. 

    Grounding helps mitigate EMF's by discharging excess positive charge in our bodies to the earth the same way we ground our appliances.  In addition, we receive negative free electrons.  These negative electrons are used similar to consuming antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in decreasing inflammation in our brains and bodies, giving the body the energy to repair itself and healing metabolic issues.  

    *Many mental health symptoms are exacerbated by inflammation, metabolic, & sleep issues.  By addressing all 3 of these, earthing is truly a blessing for relief!

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    If you cannot afford products, please know you can just go outside in barefeet or lie down on the earth.  Products help us to ground indoors more often when we are indoors working at a desk or all night when we're asleep in our beds.  The more time you put in, the more healing benefits you will gain.  We are not meant to be disconnected from the Earth.  This disconnection only began when we started putting rubber soles on our shoes, which blocks the conductivity between us and the Earth.  Otherwise, we were historically grounded! 

    I wish you as much benefit or more than has helped me!  Happy Grounding!!

  • Purity Coffee: Organic and Free of Mold, Mycotoxins, Heavy Metals, Pesticides & Ochratoxin A

    This is the purest coffee I've found.  Staying away from neurotoxins helps us better regulate our nervous systems.  My favorite variety is "Protect" because it is specifically designed for liver health with CGA.  Enjoy 4 varieties of Purity Coffee, including a decaf option, without the neurotoxins and heavy metals.  

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  • Highest Quality Unblended 100% Olive Oil I Use for Lowest PUFA Content

    There's a lot of corruption in the olive oil industry and olive oil is often mixed with harmful seed oils (PUFA's) without our knowledge.  PUFA's are very harmful to the liver, brain and stress response.  The purest brand I've found is Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  It's special because it is 100% unblended unrefined and unfiltered olive oil that is also lab tested to ensure no pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.  Pure olive oil naturally has about 8% PUFA, but this is less than any other types of olive oil that may be cut with seed oils. 

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