• Nina's Background and Experience

  • Nina Goradia is a coach who grew up in Indianapolis with a 7 year stint out in the San Francisco bay area, where she continued her study of natural healing including Physical Therapy, Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Somatic Experiencing (SE), Nutrition, Detoxification and Ergonomics.  
    She then began studying the Non-Dual spiritual path with teachers since 2015.  (Non-Dual Awareness is simply our natural state.  It's a deeper state of presence and mindfulness in which we were all born and lived in as a child until we became intellectualized and socially conditioned).  She now incorporates the technique of Self-Inquiry in SE sessions for more effective healing using a unique method called Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration.™  This is because she has seen that working only with thoughts and feelings seems to be working at the branches of a metaphorical trauma tree, while Self-Inquiry work gets to the root of suffering.  
  • This root of suffering is the ego and trauma identities or identifications that have been unconsciously created.  Thinking we are our traumas keeps us stuck in repeating the indefinitely. 

    Her niche is in bridging trauma healing work and spirituality to unify healing principles: The Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration™ methods she shares combine a variety of somatic healing modalities for ego healing plus the Non-Dual path for ego integration and to transcend the trauma identity altogether for healing at the root.  This also includes Somatic Self-Acceptance Integration methods.

    This can be very helpful for:  

    1. Those who have worked on their trauma only through psychological means:  Working only at the ego level for trauma healing often plateaus in her experience working with herself and clients over the last 11 years.  That's because the ego is always creating new identities. 

    2. Those who have only traveled the spiritual or intellectual paths and who have bypassed their emotional experience.  Trauma and emotional work is important for ego integration.  Many have gone all the way down the spiritual path to ego dissolution with so much unintegrated trauma still remaining in their bodies that it can still come out and hurt others.

    3. Those who have worked on healing trauma at the body level, but may feel stuck identified with the physical.  Non-Dual awareness pulls us out of this trap by helping us identify with the true Self.

    4. Those who have attempted both psychological, body, and spiritual healing, but need guidance on how to use these approaches together harmoniously. 

    *She is still a student on the Non-Dual path and only coaching people as far as she has gone.  She is open about her limitations and encourages people to work with an enlightened teacher if and when they want to go further.  

    *Coaching is not psychotherapy and it does not treat mental disorders.  If a mental disorder is suspected, you will be given a referral for a mental health professional.

  • As a trained body worker, Nina's 20 years of physical therapy practice have given her experience in working with the nervous system and allowed her to develop a deep awareness of the body.   In working with her patients as well as through her yoga and meditation practices, she has developed insights into the interplay of emotion, trauma, and chronic pain.  

    Through her study of Somatic Experiencing, Vipassana, and Nina's own personal journey, she has been able to learn about trauma, how it is stored in the body and techniques to release this stored energy. 

    Nina has found that blending SE with Non-Dual Awareness and many other trauma interventions has increased the efficacy of SE and decreased the number of sessions clients require.

  • It is Nina's mission to share this healing work far and wide.  She has spoken at the Mental Health America Indiana Annual Symposium and has facilitated SE workshops for psychotherapists.  Nina loves offering SE workshops to the community in yoga studios, multiple sclerosis support groups as well as teaching SE yoga fusion classes at the Charis Center for patients healing from eating disorders. 

    Nina has taught on Somatics in the Blooming Life Yoga Studio & School Yoga Teacher Training Program in Zionsville, IN.  She also spoke at the Indiana Annual Recovery Month Symposium with behavioral health professionals to further raise awareness about the benefits of Somatic Experiencing for healing addictions.

  • In 2018, she was honored to speak at the Impact of Trauma on Health and Achievement Conference at University of Indianapolis after the keynote speaker Dr. Vincent Felitti, the landmark researcher who co-founded the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study. 

    In addition to trauma recovery, Nina is fascinated and passionate about the role of diet and detoxification in the manifestation of our emotions as well as overall physical health.  Decreasing inflammation in the body and brain can help improve the functioning of the nervous system directly to increase emotional resiliency.

    Nina is known for her heartfelt desire to help and attention to detail.  It is her mission to assist those who are seeking relief from trauma and facilitate a much lighter kind of existence in one's daily life.  May you live in peace!

  • Experience

    Private Practice:

    Nina began practicing Physical Therapy in 2002 and studied many healing modalities alongside practicing PT.  

    Separate from her physical therapy practice, she has also been in private practice as a coach since 2013 offering a wide variety of services including Somatic Experiencing, Non-Dual Awareness/Self-Inquiry and Yoga Therapy.  You'll notice a lot of these offerings are both preventative and therapeutic.  

    Nina also worked as Director of Trauma-Informed Practices at Peace Learning Center, a nonprofit in Indianapolis.  She co-designed a somatic resiliency education program used by PLC in schools across Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  She gave workshops and trainings to students (Pre-K through grade 12), youth facilitators, teachers, and parents to educate them about trauma and emotional intelligence in working with children as well as in doing their own work in interpersonal relationships. 

    This was a real dream come true for her, as she has always felt that there should be a class in school called "Emotions."  As we teach our youth that they can find their happiness from within through emotional regulation, we can aim for a less reactive and more peaceful society.  This also saves youth several years of suffering by learning these techniques early on, when they have limited cultural conditioning, and can reap maximum benefit.


    Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy, Indiana University School of Medicine, 1998 - 2002

    Avalon Art and Yoga Center, Palo Alto, CA, 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certification, 2006

    Back School of Atlanta, Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist, 2007
    Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Trained at SE Trauma Institute, 2012 - 2014
    Vipassana Meditation, 2015 - Present (3 individual 10 day retreats, 3 individual 3 day retreats)
    Non-Duality Student since 2015 - Present


    Indiana Licensed Physical Therapist  

    Professional Certifications and Continuing Education

    Somatic Experiencing Practitioner: Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Boulder CO

    Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist: Back School of Atlanta

    Certified Yoga Instructor: Avalon Art and Yoga Center, Palo Alto, CA

    Physical Therapy Specialized Trainings & Ongoing Continuing Education:

    Graston Technique Certified since 2003


    Folsom Physical Therapy: Manual Therapy for Lower Cervical and Thoracic Cage Pathology

    Great Lakes Seminars: The Basics of Sacroiliac Motion

    North American Seminars: A Dynamic Systems Approach to Neurological Rehabilitation 

    Great Lakes Seminars: Applied techniques of manual therapy – Mobilization of the Cervical      and Thoracic Spine and Ribs. 

    Cross Country Education: Myofascial Release Clinical Applications 

    PESI Healthcare: Sports Medicine by Dr. Pierre Rouzier

    Kinesio Taping KT1 & KT2 fundamental and intermediate by Karen Woodbeck, MSPT, CKT1

    California Education Connection: Using Yoga Therapeutically (Combining with PT)

    Stanford University: Spanish for Medical Professionals

    American Physical Therapy Association: Clinical Instructor Credentialed 

  • Somatic Experiencing facilitates resolution of trauma responses.

    We can’t always think our way out of traumatic experiences. A personal guide can help. I will go with you to the hard places and show you the way out to emotional freedom.

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