• Upcoming Multiple Somatic Skills Courses

    We are developing several self-guided and guided (by Nina) somatic skills courses and will announce when it will launch.  Different courses will be available through Skillshare and Patreon.  See below for the details and sign up at thesomaticpt.com/subscribe to be informed when these launch!


  • I explain in my video "The Somatic Experiencing of Hoarding," (watch it below) how hoarding is a trauma response.  Trauma is stored in the nervous system and the objects we have are actually correlated to these stored emotions in our bodies. 

    As we learn how to release these stored emotions, we no longer feel the pull to external objects and can more easily declutter.  I am creating a course on Skillshare which will help you declutter using somatic methods to release the emotional attachments to the objects that are stuck in your body.  I will announce it here as well as on my email list when it is available.  

    In the meantime, check out all the amazing course Skillshare offers!  I can get you a 30% discount for the first year if you click on the image above and type in the code SOMATIC at checkout.

  • If you're not sure if you want to sign up for Skillshare with my 30% off discount code SOMATIC (details to the left or above), you might want to try a 1 month free trial. 

    Click on the image to the right to get this offer and use the code SOMATIC at checkout.  After the month, decide if it's right for you. 

    I'll announce here and on my email list when my Overcoming Hoarding course is available on there!

    I will also have an upcoming different self-paced course available on Patreon.  See below for more details:

  • The Somatic Experiencing of Hoarding

  • Upcoming Patreon Program: Self-Guided + Q&A's

    Details announced here and on the email list when it launches!  Sign up at thesomaticpt.com/subscribe to be notified.  I'm aiming for the end of the year, so it's still a bit in the future, but I hope to see you there!