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    *Please read this entire page before contacting us

  • We have two healing routes to offer you.  You may also try both as needed to customize your program: 

    1. Individual Coaching sessions of Somatic Experiencing (Secular) with Nina online.  We will always start here and you are also welcome to stay here.  *Scroll further down for cost.

    2. Individual Coaching sessions of Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration™ (Nina's unique methodology based on the principles of Somatic Experiencing, Non-Dual Spirituality & Self-Inquiry).  Scroll down to learn more details. 

    This is an optional niche offering.  To understand how 1-on-1 sessions can have a Non-Dual view added in, check out the intro experiential video to the right and videos below expanding on conceptual understanding.  Adding Self-Inquiry to our Somatic sessions allows us to go to the root of suffering at the level of Ego & Trauma Identities.  

  • Step Out of the Prison of Mental Conditioning into Freedom Right Now (Non-Duality)

  • Non-dual Awareness is simply our natural state.  It's a deeper state of presence and mindfulness in which we were all born and lived in as a child until we became intellectualized and socially conditioned.  It's based on the premise of Oneness and that we are not separate, but connected to all that is.  The ego is based in a separate self identity, which is the root of suffering.

    While clearing emotions and disproving thoughts can be very helpful, this is merely addressing the branches of the metaphorical trauma tree.  Clearing Ego Identifications allows us to clear the roots that continues to grow these branches.  (More clips of how I work with these identities are at the end of the page).  

    *Nina is a coach that has studied a wide variety of modalities, including Somatic Experiencing and Non-Duality/Self-Inquiry.  Coaching is not psychotherapy and it does not treat mental disorders.  If a mental disorder is suspected, you will be given a referral for a mental health professional.

  • Dualistic Beliefs Cause Us to Fear Our Emotions: Surrender the Ego to Feel, Integrate & Heal (Q&A)

  • Adding Non-Dual Awareness Can Help:

    1. Those who have worked on their trauma only through psychological means:  Working only at the ego level for trauma healing often plateaus in her experience working with herself and clients over the last 11 years.  That's because the ego is always creating new identities. 

    2. Those who have only traveled the spiritual or intellectual paths and who have bypassed their emotional experience.  Trauma and emotional work is important for ego integration.  Many have gone all the way down the spiritual path to ego dissolution with so much unintegrated trauma still remaining in their bodies that it can still come out and hurt others.

    3. Those who have worked on healing trauma at the body level, but may feel stuck identified with the physical.  Non-Dual awareness pulls us out of this trap by helping us identify with the true Self.

    4. Those who have attempted both psychological, body, and spiritual healing, but need guidance on how to use these approaches together harmoniously. 

  • Current Availability

    We are currently accepting new clients.  To get started with us, please fill out forms at thesomaticpt.com/forms and we will contact you to schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation once we receive your forms.

    Bring any questions you have to this phone appointment and Nina will have some questions for you as well.  At the end of this phone call, if you want to move forward and your situation is within Nina's scope, Nina will schedule you for your first appointment.

    Scroll down to learn more information about working with us.  We look forward to working with you!

  • Returning Clients

    If you are a returning client, you can schedule by emailing us at thesomaticpt@protonmail.com for sessions and we will be able to get you in within a couple weeks.

    ***Please note: If you are a new client and email us directly with a question or inquiry (rather than filling out a form), we receive your emails.  However, if you have not emailed us before, our replies seem to be going to people's spam folders on our first reply. So please check your spam folder and also add thesomaticpt@protonmail.com to your contacts so that you get our reply! 

    We look forward to speaking with you and supporting you.

  • Getting Started as a New Client for 1-on-1 Sessions:

    *If you are new to this practice and interested in our individual services, please note the following new additions to our practice: 

          1. All new clients are welcome to our traditional Somatic Experiencing Sessions involving Emotional Release with the addition of Disproving Thoughts.  If you are open to learning what Non-Dual Awareness & Self-Inquiry methods are, just let us know.  Adding these to your session could help your progress not plateau.  However, this is not necessary and please let us know if you want to keep it secular after hearing what the Self-Inquiry approach is all about.

         2. Why consider adding Self-Inquiry Technique to Somatic Experiencing Sessions?

  • Over the last 11 years of doing this work, Nina has found that working solely on the psychological/ego and body levels is usually not enough for completely trauma healing.  She would now like to incorporate the the method of self-inquiry in healing, so the ego can surrender bits of itself (only at a pace you are comfortable with!) to the larger presence of our being.  This can be thought of as similar to the Self described in IFS. 

    Trauma gives rise to ego identifications, which then cause our suffering, thoughts, and feelings.  Working with ego identifications is going to the root of trauma, while emotional release is working at the branches.  Branches can regrow without cutting the root.

    She has also seen that without the Self-Acceptance and Self-Inquiry aspects of the program, the emotional release techniques don't seem to work in the long run because new material is created if we are trying to "fix" rather than respectfully meet our material.  

  • The technique of self-inquiry was famously formulated by the enlightened teacher Ramana Maharshi.  He asked people to ask themselves "Who Am I?"  This method is consistent with Advaita Vedanta, a Non-Dual spiritual philosophy from India (It is not religious, but spiritual).  Nina has studied this for many years now and has blended its effective methods with somatic techniques in her sessions with clients who were open to it. 

    She does not claim herself to be a spiritual teacher, but rather providing guidance as a counselor.  She is a student on the Non-Dual path who has been exploring merging somatic techniques with self-inquiry, a combination which has rapidly accelerated her own healing and those she has worked with.

    While it is not a requirement, she would like to work more with those who are open to the self-inquiry technique and/or the spiritual path in general to avoid plateauing on the trauma healing journey.  This combination can also help people on the spiritual path to avoid spiritually bypassing their emotions.  We can integrate the trauma ego using this combination.

  • *Please know, whatever your faith is, you can definitely keep it!  Non-Dual philosophies are found in Christianity in a Course in Miracles and in all major religions in the world (but on the spiritual/mystical path of those faiths).  Even if you are atheist, this work can be thought of as surrendering to Awareness, Presence, the Witness, the Observer, etc.  The main point is that we are not going to let the ego run the show, because that can truly go on forever without deeper more sustainable healing taking place.

     The non-dual way of living is not a religion.  You do not have to change religions.  It is about surrendering the ego identifications and the story to experience our True Nature or Higher Power (whatever that is for you), which heals all.  This is not magical thinking.  There are specific techniques, which are very safe and freeing. 

    Please know there will be zero preaching.  You can take what you like and leave the rest.  If you know you don't want any spiritual component in your sessions, just let us know on your intake forms.

  •       3. If you want to move forward to be on the wait list for individual sessions, please fill out the forms at thesomaticpt.com/forms before contacting us.  Once we receive your forms, we will email you then to schedule an initial 15 minute complimentary consultation.  We will email you to set these up.  Please add both thesomaticpt@protonmail.com and thesomaticpt@gmail.com to your contact list or it may go to spam.

         4. In the meantime, it is recommended that you watch as many of the videos as possible on the channel (Youtube.com/@Nina.Goradia) to begin learning many of the things I will be talking about within sessions.  This will save us time in sessions so we can cover as much as possible.

         5. When we speak during the consultation, I will ask you some questions to see if what you are going through is within my scope of practice and if I can help.  If we mutually determine that we are a good fit to work together, we will schedule a full session appointment.  Please check your spam folder for the email confirmation.

         6. *Nina is a coach that has studied a wide variety of modalities, including Somatic Experiencing and Non-Duality/Self-Inquiry.  Coaching is not psychotherapy and it does not treat mental disorders.  If a mental disorder is suspected, you will be given a referral for a mental health professional.

    While I am a qualified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I am not a traditional psychologist, psychotherapist, licensed mental health counselor, LMFT or LCSW.  This means it is not within my scope of practice to be treating any DSM diagnoses or severe mental illness, PTSD or C-PTSD, severe psychiatric diagnoses like dissociative identity disorder (formerly called multiple personality disorder), autism, suicidal ideation, history of sexual abuse or trafficking, or other severe and ongoing forms of abuse.  It is recommended that you see a practitioner that is trained in treating these issues.  If you are suicidal, please call 911 and see a psychiatrist to get the qualified care you need.

         7. If you simply want to learn somatic regulation techniques and stress-management or your symptoms fall within mild traumatic experiences in childhood or adulthood, nervousness, sleep issues, physical symptoms resulting from stress, non-complex trauma and other symptoms on the mild to moderate spectrum of trauma, we will be able to make considerable headway together. 

  •  8. Nina can work with children ages 7 and up for the secular Somatic Sessions.  She is only working with adults regarding the Non-Dual spiritual component that is now merged with the Somatic work. 

    This is because children and adolescents need to develop healthy ego identities. You must be at least 18 years old for the spiritual option.  However, we may make some exceptions if there are 1 or 2 unhealthy ego identities that need to be cleared in order to be healthy.  We won't go all the way with ego surrender for children until they are 18 year old adults and can make their own decisions. 

    There are many ways that SE can benefit children with basic emotional resiliency education for trauma prevention as well as trauma resolution.  SE can also offer techniques for managing test anxiety, emotions that come up with bullying or any other life stresses that kids can go through such as divorce of parents, death of a parent, illness, etc.

         9. If you are unsure whether SE could help your specific condition, feel free to fill out the forms at thesomaticpt.com/forms first and then email us to book a complimentary consultation so we can assess if I am qualified to help.  In some cases, I can see you while you are also seeing a licensed psychotherapist weekly.  If a case falls outside of my scope, I will refer you to the appropriate profession who can help. 

    We look forward to working with you.  May you live in peace!

  • Appointment Availability

    This is an online practice.  Online Sessions are available from Tuesday to Fridays (and Saturdays if needed).  We are off on Sundays and Mondays.

    In-person appointments are currently unavailable.

    Where to Meet Me Online for Individual Sessions

    If we end up booking an individual session during our complimentary consultation, please download Whatsapp Messenger App on your phone and then sync it to your computer.  Make sure your webcam and microphone are working in advance, log on 5 minutes before our appointment and be ready to go at our appointment time when I will call.

    If you're unable to use Whatsapp, Zoom is also an option.

     Pricing for Individual Coaching Sessions

    Pricing for the following services: Somatic Experiencing & Non-Dual/Self-Inquiry Coaching.  (It is common for these to be mixed within a session as you need)

    1 hour sessions are $125 USD

    1.5 hour sessions are $175 USD

    *Please note, we are currently not offering sliding scale, but there is a Facebook group called "Somatic Experiencing Community Care" where there are SE Practitioners offering sliding scale or pro bono sessions. 

    *You can also visit the International SE Directory of practitioners to find someone to work with who is offering sliding scale.  Visit: https://directory.traumahealing.org/

    *Nina is a coach that has studied a wide variety of modalities, including Somatic Experiencing and Non-Duality/Self-Inquiry.  Coaching is not psychotherapy and it does not treat mental disorders.  If a mental disorder is suspected, you will be given a referral for a mental health professional.


    100% of donations will go directly to paying for full or subsidized SE sessions based on need.  They can be sent directly to thesomaticpt@protonmail.com via Paypal.  Just add a note specifying that it is a donation.

    Thank you so much for your support!  As we clear our own traumas and help others clear theirs, we can all experience a better world.

  • Book an SE Workshop for your Professional Trauma Conference, University, Support Group, Community Group or Workplace

    We offer many different types of talks and presentations on Somatic Experiencing.  The main presentation is a 1 hour professional talk which goes into the theory and science, with plenty of time for questions to make sure the material is applicable to your group.  There is an optional 2nd hour which involves an experiential group session in which an emotion is cleared.  Participants will walk away with several emotional self-regulation tools they can implement immediately.  This is also great for conflict resolution within a group.  As we clear our own feelings around an issue, we can approach interpersonal situations from a new perspective.  Available in-person or online.

    Talks can be adapted to specific topics or emotional themes.

    Please email us so we can set up a phone call to discuss your needs.  Please provide your phone number when contacting us.

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