• Somatic Experiencing helps release the stored stress and trauma in the nervous system that contribute to symptoms or result from many conditions* including*:

  • Body Holding Patterns of Stress
    Accepting Feelings
    Emotional or Physical trauma history
    Sleep Issues
    Grief and Loss
    Self Love
    Jaw Tension & TMJ
    Emotional Eating 
    Partner Betrayal
    Motor Vehicle Collisions
    Chronic Pain
    Muscle aches and pains
    Myofascial Pain and Tension
  • Self Compassion
    Emotional Self-Regulation
    Body Shame
    Fascial pain
    Pelvic Floor Pain and Tension
    Psychosomatic Illness
    Stress-related Illness or Tension
    Stress-related Digestive Issues
    Post-operative Pain
    Stress after Medical Procedures
    Syndromal Conditions
    Intergenerational Trauma
    Social Trauma: (race, gender, 
                             sexual orientation, being
                             considered "different")
  • *Somatic Experiencing does not treat any conditions.  It helps release stored stress and trauma that could be exacerbating conditions or the stress that could be the result of having a condition.  It helps reduce stored stress.  As stated throughout the website, Somatic Experiencing is an adjunctive modality that is to be used within a multidisciplinary approach.  It is not medical advice/care or psychotherapy.  Please see your doctor, health care provider, psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist for any medical or psychiatric condition you may have to receive any necessary treatment or supervision.

    *Nina Goradia is a coach trained in a variety of modalities.  She has gone through the 3 year SEP certification and offers Somatic Experiencing sessions with the option of adding Non-Dual Awareness & Self-Inquiry using a unique methodology called Somatic Self-Inquiry & Integration.™  *Coaching is neither psychotherapy nor medical advice and it does not treat mental or health disorders.  If a mental or health disorder is suspected, you will be referred to an appropriate professional.

  • And Most Importantly...

    Trauma Identity & Ego Identifications:

    Thinking we are our traumas and becoming identified with them can keep us locked in repeating our traumas indefinitely.  Adding Self-Inquiry technique to Somatic Experiencing allows us to integrate our ego and trauma wounds and then transcend the trauma identity entirely.  Nina now combines these techniques in her individual sessions with clients.  

  • Somatic Experiencing facilitates resolution of trauma responses.

    We can’t always think our way out of traumatic experiences. A personal guide can help. I will go with you to the hard places and show you the way out to emotional freedom.

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