• Physical Therapy and Bodywork Services (PT is Available in Indiana Only, but See Products I Personally Use & Often Recommendations Below)

  • There is a distinct advantage in being evaluated by a Physical Therapist that is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  With some physical issues, it can be confusing to track down if they are arising due to a Mechanical (Musculoskeletal) vs. a Trauma/Emotional/Stress (Psychosomatic) origin.  A great example of how one physical condition could have two causes is tension stored in the neck and shoulders.  This could be due to stress or it could be due to a physical injury. 

    Although this is the place we may be most familiar with holding stress, this same mechanism of stress holding can apply to other parts of the body as well.  Many people hold stress in their jaw, back, and vocal cords just to name a few.

  • These pain patterns are as varied as we are unique and require individualized physical and emotional care.

    Sometimes strengthening and stretching exercises are sufficient in healing, but many times physical pain that may seem to be of mechanical origin is simply due to body inflammation.  This can show up as various joint pains, muscle tensions and knots as well as swelling which takes up additional space in tight quarters (such as around bulging discs in the spine).  Detoxing by switching to an anti-inflammatory diet can significantly reduce pain that may appear to be neural or musculoskeletal in nature by reducing swelling in the affected body parts.
    Physical interventions can sometimes also benefit emotional issues.  Manual therapy, for example, is not only effective for conditions of mechanical origin, but also effective for treating the fascia in the body.  Fascia can tighten up with our emotional states and with trauma.  As we release fascia, we can experience some corresponding emotional release.  Somatic Experiencing, however, would provide the largest emotional release and it can be the longest lasting.
  • Physical Therapy Services:

    Physical Therapy Evaluation/Exam 
    Therapeutic Exercise Program
    Electrical Stimulation (TENS)
    Neuromuscular Reeducation
    Ergonomic Consultations for home, office and vehicle
    Manual Therapy:
       Graston Technique
       Myofascial Release
       Trigger Point Release
       Manual Energy Technique
       Cupping (for Soft tissue mobilization)
  • Invest in You

    We've only got one body and it needs to last us a lifetime for us to carry out our purposes.  Due to the complex and overlapping causes of pain, it can be helpful to be evaluated with the discerning eye of someone who is trained in several different healing modalities.  Schedule an appointment on the online calendar to reserve your spot and then come into the office in-person. 

  • Physical Therapy Products I Personally Use & Often Recommend for General Injury Prevention, Posture & Ergonomic Support

  • Somatic Experiencing can reduce chronic pain with comprehensive medical care

    The average client has a reduction in pain by 3 points on a scale of 1 - 10

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